“WSJ”: Murder of Russian defector financed via Vienna

The contract killers of a surviving Russian military pilot in Spain were reportedly paid with the help of Russians stationed in Vienna. The “Wall Street Journal” (“WSJ”) reported this last weekend about the activities of the Austrian Secret Service. This information could not be confirmed by anonymous sources in the US media.

“Vienna-based Russian agents are suspected of recruiting and financing Russian operations to monitor Western arms exports to Kiev, Poland, or fleeing to Ukraine and killing a Russian military helicopter pilot living in Spain, Western intelligence officials say,” the newspaper wrote.

The killers who shot Maxim Guzmino five times in Villajoyosa, Spain in February 2024 and then drove him away in an SUV were said to be criminals paid from Vienna with money provided by “Russian civil servants”.

No confirmation

There is no official confirmation from Austria of this account or of Vienna’s role in the Spanish murder. The Vienna public prosecutor’s office has not been able to receive such a request for legal aid, agency spokeswoman Nina Buszek told APA. In the circumstances described, your authority is responsible for any investigation of the Kuzminov case in Austria.

The Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already said that there is no information about this. In response to APA’s request, the Ministry of Home Affairs emphasized that the Directorate of State Security and Intelligence (DSN) is not allowed to provide public information about personal data and internal processes and communications. No comment on constitutional and foreign shareholder services.

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