Wireless gaming headset HyperX Cloud III Wireless now under 100 euros

HyperX Cloud III Wireless uses a 2.4 GHz connection for wireless operation. While the receiver and included cable have USB-C ports, the headset also has a USB-A to adapter, ensuring greater compatibility. While we’re on the topic: the sturdy aluminum-framed headset can’t just be used on PC, Sony consoles PS5 and PS4 as well as Nintendo Switch are expressly mentioned as compatible.

HyperX Cloud III impressed in PCGH testing

If you want to use the headset as headphones, the 10mm microphone can be removed if needed as it is attached to the left ear cup using a jack plug. Faux leather with memory foam is used as upholstery; The HyperX Cloud III Wireless switches on and off directly on the ear cup, and the volume can also be adjusted here.

At PCGH, only the wired instead of the wireless version of the headset is in the lab so far, but the hardware primarily responsible for sound remains the same in the form of a 53mm driver with neodymium magnets, so the ratings are likely. changed. In a comparison test in the 04/2024 issue, audio expert Philip Reuther said:

“Cloud 3’s sound is clear and detailed, the tuning (with standard EQ) is more balanced, more linear compared to its predecessor. Gamers can benefit from better musical enjoyment, however, with a small bass base and lack of location for clarity with more vitality, but this can be done by Ngenuity software or 10- Easily manipulated with a band equalizer, and DTS surround and mic monitor enabled in software, it records even low frequencies so vocals sound full and natural.”

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As mentioned at the beginning, ie HyperX Cloud III Wireless Dropped below 100 euros for the first time: Media Mark offers it for 99.99 euros including shipping. You can get a gaming headset for the same price if you could do without the red accents Black version. According to the PCGH price comparison, both versions have never been cheaper. Even from other cheaper retailers, the headset is about 20 euros more including shipping.

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