The dispute between the ÖVP and the Greens reverberates in the Federal Council

The FPÖ has invited climate minister Gewessler and constitution minister Edtstadler to the state chamber to discuss the “law to exterminate farmers”.

A government dispute surrounding the Greens’ separate approach to the Renaissance Act had ramifications in the Federal Council on Thursday. The FPÖ invited two ministers, Leonore Gewessler (Greens) and Karoline Edtstadler (ÖVP), to the state chamber together during an emergency hearing on the “law to exterminate farmers”. The ÖVP representative remained unapologetic on the matter, and Gewessler defended his actions.

Liberal parliamentary group leader Federal Councilor Christoph Steiner has submitted both demands. In the title, he primarily accused Gewessler’s vote at EU level of “black-and-green betrayal of our farmers”. But the coalition dispute over it was also an “embarrassing scene,” he told the Federal Council. Appearing in the State House, he reassured the two ministers: “The Steiner line stands between you. Nothing will happen to you.”

“Pandora’s Box Opened”

The two ministers also ignored, often with crude jokes and attacks from, the Tyrolean Freedom Party. Instead, Constitution Minister Ed Stadler was the first speaker to continue his course, accusing the Green Climate Protection Minister of going it alone and breaking the law. “The climate protection minister has opened Pandora’s box,” he said, referring to the “very dangerous” method for constitutional status of using individual statements as the Greens have done.

Gewessler, in turn, stuck to the matter and defended his approval of the Renaissance Act. “It’s time for us to start working with nature again, not against it” which fulfills the Renaissance Law. For this reason, she also agreed “according to law”. According to the Minister of Climate Protection, this is not a constitutional violation; The experts’ assessment was clear. (APA)

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