Surgery needed: Kylian Mbappe with broken nose

The French may have paid a heavy price for their victory over Austria. As reported by “L’Equipe”, superstar Kylian Mbappé broke his nose in a fight with Kevin Danzo. The striker had to leave the field covered in blood.

The future Real Madrid star will need surgery in Düsseldorf, according to a source close to the French national team. What this means for the 25-year-old for the rest of the tournament is still unclear.

Austrian goalkeeper Patrick Bentz immediately realized the superstar was injured and called for help: “His face was covered in blood. You never know if it’s cut or worse. Then you show a reasonable attitude. Not like him!”

Bentz was referring to Mbappe’s unsportsmanlike behavior when he fell to the grass after returning to the pitch: “It was crazy. You don’t really want to see situations like this in a match like this.

As Mbappe ran alone towards the red-white-red goalkeeper, he kept his nerve and the superstar fired the ball past the goal. “He’s a human being like the rest of us. He’s faster than everyone else, but otherwise he’s a completely normal player,” says Bentz. “We didn’t allow too much from him. We have great defenders. Stefan Bosh and Kevin Danzo kept him completely under control.

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