State Opera builds nest for 251 opera birds

The 248 seats and 3 wheelchair spaces in NEST are vertically elevated and offer good visibility. “You sit like a bird, floating freely and watching what’s going on,” Roshick said, using a feather-heavy metaphor to match the house’s name. All seats are removable to enable unconventional staging options.

With the seats installed, you’ll see 85 square meters of floor space with no back or side position. Accordingly, the NEST package should be played as daily changes are not possible. “It’s not repertory theater in the strict sense,” Rosick clarified. Will eventually start again. The State Opera Stage Orchestra will be the State Opera’s new house orchestra, with a 30-person workshop above the main hall.

The adaptation costs of the final 25 million euros for the construction of the NEST in the Kunstlerhaus section, once used by the independent theater Brut, are borne by the patron Hans Peter Hazelsteiner and his Straback – in addition to 5 million euros, the treasury of the Ministry of Culture. The aim is to raise operating and production costs of 2.5 million euros through various sources such as ticket sales, sponsorship, rentals or an official circle of friends. However, there are no rental costs for an open-ended contract.

Roščić made it clear that NEST’s programming direction is clear: “The program’s focus is clearly on children.” .” And the young target group in the main building is very difficult. Still, they don’t want to say goodbye to state opera entirely with child-friendly forms. “You can’t say for sure: everything like youth and risk moves here,” Rosick clarified at NEST.

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Nevertheless, beginning on December 7, the children’s premiere of “Chase the Whale to the Tuna” planned by Thierry Detro will be staged by appointed TAG boss Sarah Ostertag. This category includes Hanna Eisendel’s production “Electric Fish”, which can already be seen in various federal states from February 15.

NEST aims not only to serve children, but also in experimental forms in general, which is underlined by the dedication of the liturgical theater group Nesterwall from December 13, which intends to play the entirety of Wagner’s “Twilight of the Gods.” Home to a regular cast of 16 – and only addresses an audience of 16 and over. “When you think of Nestervall, you think of an incredible number of spaces in the city that could be used – but certainly not the State Opera yet,” said mastermind Martin Finland, adding that the order was also a challenge for Nestervall.

“Consistent Fantasy Is Reality,” a piece by Turkish pop star Kaye Su Akiol, declared Roshic as a “glittering, seductive musical revolution,” recommended for ages 16 and up only. And director John Lauvers will premiere “Lee Miller in Hitler’s Bath” by Morton Segers for young and adult audiences from June 1, 2025. Ballet director Martin Schlaffer will choreograph the first dance evening in the new home on Jan. 26 with Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf.” Smaller events like an opera quiz with baritone George Nickle or a discussion series on the NEST project.

An overview of the new NEST’s premieres:

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