Sparkling Wine Label – Gottingbrunn Cultural Scene: Art Competition

Alexander Schneller (Circus Picard), Manuela Kammerhofer (Winner 2018), Jury Member, Irene Künzel, Johannes Raunig (Winner 2019), Christian Macho (Mayor of Gottingbrunn)

Gerhard Maly, Gerhard Maly / Golf Info

DThe Kottingbrunn cultural scene is looking for a work of art as the basis for the sparkling wine bottle label “KulturFrizz” on the theme “Opposites”! Deadline for submission: July 25, 2024.

Inspired by this year’s September theater production “A good man from Sichuan“Wine shining on the cultural scene became the theme of the new label KulturFrizzOpposite” is selected.

Goodness and ruthlessness unite in a young woman who assumes the role of both good and evil in order to survive is the central theme of Bertolt Brecht’s play. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The face of Janus. Masks of ancient drama, sometimes sad, sometimes happy. Comedy and tragedy. What would a theatrical world be like without opposites?

Dear artists, the Kottingbrunn Culture Scene cordially invites you to give shape to the “opposites” in the visual arts and send your works to [email protected] by July 25th! The winning work will be decided at a jury meeting and announced on August 9 in Kottingbrunn. The new label will adorn Kulturszene sparkling wine for a year from September.

What to consider when submitting?

  • Submissions by email to [email protected]
  • High resolution images, scan files or PDF files are accepted and received by email by July 25, 2024.
  • Consider the 114.5 x 62 mm (natural format) label format when doing your work.
  • Submissions can only be made online by email with the subject line “Tender for Sparkling Wine Label 2024”.
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Also send a short text. This can be a short biography, your artistic career, a description of the submitted work or your personal connection to the cultural scene or Gottingbrunn. (Maximum half A4 page).

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