Sharon Stone lost $18 million after her stroke

A stroke cost the actress almost 20 years ago.

Hollywood-star Sharon Stone He spoke about the difficult restart after a stroke 20 years ago. It was a challenging time financially, the 66-year-old recounted in an interview with the industry newspaper The Hollywood Reporter.

She also changed her perspective on life, Stone said. “A Buddhist monk told me that I was reincarnated in the same body,” he recalled.

“I had a near-death experience and then I was brought back. I had a brain bleed for nine days, so my brain was pushed forward in my face. It wasn’t in my head where it used to be,” Stone said. “When that happened, everything changed. My sense of smell, my sight, my sense of touch. I couldn’t read for years.”

Stone: “I decided to go”

Many would have thought she would not survive. During this time, she was taken advantage of by others, Stone said. “I saved $18 million because I was so successful. But when I looked at my bank account again, it was all gone. My refrigerator, my phone — everything was suddenly in other people’s names,” Stone said. “I do not have money.” She left anger and irritation in her mind. “I decided to be present and let’s go,” Stone said. “I have decided not to cling to sickness, bitterness, anger, etc. If you cling to it, it will not leave you. But if you cling to your faith, even if that faith is a mustard seed, you will. Survive.” She lives for “joy”.

Stone He wants to get his acting career back

In an interview with a British newspaper times Stone recently said that she still hasn’t fully recovered from her old life. When asked if a part of her could relive this traumatic experience, she replied: “I wouldn’t say I experienced a great rebirth: I’m alive, I survived.” It took her seven years to recover.

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At that point she lost custody, her business — and her money. So he wasn’t resurrected, but 20 years later he still hasn’t returned to his acting career, he said on a newspaper podcast. Stone He said he would be grateful to work properly again, not just in supporting roles. “I want to get my life back.”

When asked if she would play an elderly aunt or a widowed duchess, she said it would be difficult to cast her as a grandmother, perhaps a lawyer, judge or police officer. “They don’t really know what to do with someone like me,” he said times According to

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