Save over €1,000 on a “very good OLED TV” from Samsung

Two South Korean manufacturers, LG and Samsung, have been battling it out in the smart TV industry for years. Samsung is slightly ahead when it comes to sales figures for all smart TVs, while its arch rival LG is slightly ahead when it comes to sales figures for OLED TVs. But Samsung buys its OLED panels from LG. Now you can save more than 50 percent at Media Markt and get the high-end OLED TV Samsung GQ55S90C.

What does the Samsung OLED TV S90C offer?

The S90C is Samsung’s OLED TV, which is in the upper class. It shares many features with the top model S95C. The top model has a 4.2.2 sound system, while the S90C only has to live with 2.1 sound. The S90C features an OLED brightness booster that Samsung has adopted from LG. AI uses 20 neural networks to upscale Full HD content to 4K. The software is powered by Neural Quantum Processor 4K, which is also used in the top model. It’s typical of Samsung that the open standard HDR10+ only supports Dynamic HDR, not Dolby Vision. OLED TV shines with HDR content and comes in tests on specialized websites like And 1,000 cd/m² peak brightness. The screen surface is slightly matte for viewing content even in bright rooms. The Samsung S95D has an even better anti-reflective coating.

Along with impressive picture quality in HDR, the OLED TV’s SDR display with quantum dot is also impressive. Anyone who wants to watch TV with a time delay will be happy with the dual-triple tuner. There are also two USB ports that can accommodate hard drives or USB sticks. There are also four HDMI 2.1 options. Gamers can use the S90C to play video games in 4K at 120Hz on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X||S. ALLM is supported, so latency is less than 10 ms. If you connect a computer to the OLED TV S90C, you can use 144 Hz as the refresh rate. In addition to the higher refresh rate, you can switch to ultrawide mode if desired. For example, an image can be output in 21:9 or 32:9 format. According to the tester, the S90C sounds good with its 2.1 sound system, especially when watching regular TV shows and the occasional series. If you want more, you’ll need to get a soundbar, although it’s important to note that there’s no support for DTS X. To do this, Samsung can integrate sound from the soundbar between the soundbar and the TV speakers, so that the internal TV speakers act as rear speakers. Winner of many awards The OLED TV Samsung S90C is currently over €1,000 off Available at Media Markt. myMedia Markt customers pay a very low price of 999 euros. The 55-inch version has never been cheaper. A prerequisite is membership of the free myMedia Markt Club, where registered users can collect points and benefit from vouchers. With this price, Media Mark has even overtaken AmazonAt the time of writing they charge 1,099 euros for this OLED TV.

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How good is the new Samsung OLED TV S95D?

In the test reports, for example from the special portal Connect, the top model, the brand new Samsung S95D, already had to prove itself. For its in-house OLED displays, Samsung combines self-illuminating pixels with quantum dot technology, which it has offered as QLED TVs since 2017. The screen has an image of quantum dot nanocrystals. Quantum dots emit red or green, while blue is displayed via self-luminous blue OLED cells. Compared to the competing WRGB-OLED solution from LG, QD-OLED has no white sub-pixel, so only Samsung’s quantum dot solution is based on pure RGB. Ultimately, this solution should enable higher luminance and cleaner representation of primary colors, especially in the extended HDR color space, while being more efficient. For example, the top model Samsung OLED S95D covers more than 90 percent of the required HDR BT.2020 color space, which has higher requirements than the DCI-P3 color space representing the cinema standard. In testing, the brand new top model Samsung GQ77S95D achieved a peak brightness of 2,200 candelas, but could only maintain this for a few seconds. Filmmaker mode measures 1,600 candles, which can maintain brightness for a long time. However, the Samsung S95D costs at least 2,199 euros So 1,000 euros more than last year’s S90C model.

Samsung OLED 4K S95D TV 55 Inch, Samsung TV with Neural Quantum 4K AI Gen2 Processor

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Price, data and facts about OLED TV Samsung S90C

  • At Media Markt you can get the recommended OLED TV Samsung S90C at a very low price, therefore cheaper than ever before.
  • Customers get a 55-inch OLED TV, which has won several awards from specialty websites. Along with impressive picture quality in HDR, the OLED TV’s SDR display with quantum dot is also impressive.
  • Gamers can expect a 144Hz refresh rate and low latency. There are four HDMI 2.1 sockets. If you connect the computer to Samsung TV, you can switch to ultrawide mode.
  • The Samsung S90C is currently available to MediaMarkt customers for just 999 euros. Anyone who is a member of this free program can collect points and exchange them for vouchers. With the price advantage, Media Markt buyers save more than 1,000 euros and get an OLED TV cheaper than Amazon customers.

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