Russia says it has advanced in the important city of Chisiv –…

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What Keir Starmer wants to do differently as Prime Minister: Today Britain elects a new Parliament. After 14 years of Tory government, the opposition Labor party is seen as having a chance of winning. In any case, the new government has many building blocks: from the potential collapse of the water supplier to the funding problems of the universities to the funding gap in the NHS health service. More on this.

Russia reports progress in the important city of Chasiv Yar: Russian soldiers have liberated the outskirts of a strategically important city in eastern Ukraine, the Russian military said. Ukraine rejected the report. After a deadly airstrike on Dnipro, President Zelensky called for more Western aid. More on this.

The Patent Attorneys Chamber claims 9,036 euros per member: Neos’s series of parliamentary questions reveal the extent of compulsory contributions to Austria’s chambers. The use of contributions is difficult to verify, says Gerald Locker. More on this.

Joe Biden will “run”: According to insiders, the US president has shown his determination to run for the Democratic Party in the presidential election. At the same time, for the first time, a top Democrat has called for “mini primaries,” speculating about what will happen after Biden resigns. More on this.

Peter Shottel “believed” in the European Championship title: “We all believed that a big win was possible,” admitted the ÖFB sports director at “ZiB2”. Austria’s failure to win a knockout game in the European Championship final “is something that bothers us, annoys us.” More on this.

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“Football has become too expensive”, Oliver Grimm criticizes in Morning Glow. The result: a black market for counterfeit game products and illegal streaming. “Politicians should question their contribution to this.”

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