Noah Rock goes to the finals after the rain

The most exciting day, Saturday, started raining just in time for Meneskin and Alice Cooper to start. “Four weather services predicted between one and six liters of rain – then we got 25 litres,” Director Tatar said angrily. “Of course it’s a completely different dimension, and the day has slowed down the departure of visitors. But you have to say, the mood and the days before were great, and yesterday was 90 per cent right.

Notable is the heavy inclusion of Quetzon and folk music. “This year Folkshilf and Fastpängler played back-to-back,” Tatar said. “As you can see, there is an audience. Things like this happen from time to time, but that doesn’t mean we’re booking a day for brass bands. No worries,” he said.

Reports of expensive toilets and prices have made the rounds. “Yes, there is a ‘VIP toilet’, which is cleaned regularly. Yes, you pay,” said Tatar. “But there are a lot of other toilets. Since these VIP toilets are no longer being used, we are considering giving them up completely next year. Because this The quality of the new toilets we brought in is the best I can say: we’re not the only festival that’s expensive at the moment, but we’re cheaper than any other concert we’ve ever had .Infrastructure costs a lot of money and you have to take that into account.

The red platform is not used on Sundays. To do this, Biohazard got in touch with fans: a band founded in the late 1980s around two figureheads, Billy Graziade (guitar, vocals) and Evan Seinfeld (bass, vocals), knew how to start a perfect circle pit. , so the best thing to do is to direct yourself. But that wasn’t enough, Graziade had a fan following on the “wrong side of the tracks” as he continued to work on his instrument. In addition to plenty of Mosha activities, it’s no surprise that many visitors’ passion for selfies was also satisfied. And the list? And leaving nothing to be desired, the quartet impressively blasted their way through “Tales from the Hard Side” and “Punishment.” After an intense hour, it resulted in many happy and sweaty faces – on stage and in front of it.

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Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes headline the Red Bull Stage. In today’s second place, the mail went in the afternoon. For example, the Austrian-made silencer literally stepped on the accelerator.

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