No danger: Two large asteroids are passing Earth

Two asteroids will fly past Earth on June 27 and 29. The second asteroid in particular is a real chunk of 2km in diameter – but no danger to Earth.

In two days, two asteroids will zoom past Earth.

Photo: ESA/ P. Carril

There will be a spectacular sight in the sky this week: two large asteroids will pass Earth. The rare event coincides with this year’s Asteroid Day, which aims to raise awareness of the dangers of asteroids and the need to monitor them. Despite their size, neither asteroid poses a threat to our planet.

2024 MK: Just discovered

Asteroid 2024 MK is 120 to 260 meters in size and was discovered on June 16, 2024. It will pass Earth 13 days later, on June 29. This time coincides with Asteroid Day. 2024 MK will pass Earth at a distance of about 290,000 kilometers, which is about 75% of the distance between Earth and the Moon. Despite its proximity, the asteroid is in no danger of hitting Earth.

The late discovery of 2024 MK highlights the importance of further developing our technologies for detecting and tracking near-Earth objects (NEOs). Thanks to its size and relative proximity, 2024 MK was visible to amateur astronomers on June 29 under clear skies and with a small telescope.

Asteroid 2024 MK was discovered on June 16, 2024.  Luckily it didn't hit the ground.  Photo: Isa

Asteroid 2024 MK was discovered on June 16, 2024. Luckily it didn’t hit the ground.

Photo: It

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