New pop rock and old masters on the third Nova Rock day

“Our weather service is predicting rain around midnight tonight,” it said. Disagree about the amount of services, but you should prepare for it. For now though, don’t forget the sunscreen and hat! Måneskin obviously attracted a wider audience, clearly on the way to the site. Cooper said of his guest appearance: “There’s the snake, there’s the guillotine.”

Sportfreunde Stiller welcome guests at Pannonia Fields. They were trying to figure out how many times they actually performed here, drummer Florian “Flo” Weber told APA. “I say arbitrarily, four times in any case. At one point the second phase was still kilometers away: “We are not a cargo!” “Anyway, we love coming here, it always feels like the same wind blows here so strongly. But there’s always good wine here, and the audience is always in a party mood,” said Weber, “and that’s why we keep coming back.”

The group from Upper Bavaria are enjoying “a good time” since their comeback after the break. There is a “great atmosphere” in the band and they are making plans for the future, promised the two musicians who follow the Euros as football fans. “If David Alaba and Alexander Schlager had been there, I would have definitely said: Austria in the semi-finals,” the drummer assured. “Hans Krankl is the best goalkeeper in the world,” Linhoff said with a laugh.

Local band Granada offered a preview of their new album, which will be released in the fall: “We’re up early, we’re out early. It’s very special to play here today, we’ve never been there before,” stressed Alexander Christoph in an APA interview. “This will probably be our biggest concert. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m a little nervous too. It screams!” Musically, Granada delivers catchy pop with handcrafted and meticulous attention to detail. The choruses are there, the melody is perfect, the positive energy is there, as the new pieces “Feiawerk” and “Wimper” prove.

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Nova Rock has opened up in recent years, and today even pop singer Lavigne is on stage and delivers blonde, smooth indie with plenty of participation. “We’ve already discussed this today. “The festival used to be very focused on punk, metal and hardcore,” reflects singer Thomas Petrich. “But it’s spread out. Even if you look at other bands, we feel more comfortable there now. I think we fit in in the bright sunshine. .Yes, this combination should be a bank.

The performance on the Red Bull stage was well received on the third day of an almost serious club atmosphere in the open air. Backstage, Future Palace awaited their performance later in the afternoon. The Berlin trio around singer Maria Lessing combines post-hardcore rock and metal with influences that go back to Mike Oldfield and was looking forward to the nova rock debut: “We’ve performed six times in Austria so far, not here. It’s big here. Bungee jumping, tattoos, badass bands – it’s all there. “It’s like a hometown here,” they marveled at the festival. In autumn they will return to Austria with a new album with new influences.

The festival has so far been quiet for the emergency services. “Everything is fine,” a police spokesman told APA on Saturday. The number of deliveries to the Red Cross was also limited. At Friday’s concerts, about 175 people were treated — mostly for ankle injuries or sprains. A total of 1,020 people have been cared for at the site so far, it said in a release. 213 transports have been completed and 35 injured have been taken to hospital for further treatment. A crisis intervention team was deployed six times.

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ÖAMTC reported that the audience was well prepared. Only occasionally have complaints been made of the keys locking up when unloading and during tire punctures. The Transport Corporation expects the highest number of deployments to occur on Sunday evening and Monday morning.

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