National Council: Heated Debate on Climate Crisis

At the present time, entitled “Heat, storms and the climate crisis endanger our health – active climate protection protects people”, the Greens appealed to follow the recommendations of science and improve climate protection.

In his opening statement, Green Club President Sigrid Maurer pointed out that 2023 was the hottest year in the history of measurements, and that Austria recently had 500 heat deaths per year. Hospitals and care facilities face increasing workloads, and extreme weather events continue to occur.

Rauch praised the government’s actions

There was self-regard for government measures such as climate bonuses and ticketing and eco-social tax reform. Health Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens) emphasized investments in the health system and praised Environment Minister Leonor Küsler (Greens) for “five years of hard work”. A motion of no confidence should be brought against him by the FPÖ.

Social Affairs Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens)

Rauch appreciated the cooperation of the government in the last five years.

The FPÖ accuses Maurer of being cynical

Maurer was accused by FPÖ MP Dagmar Belagović, who repeatedly intervened, of being cynical. Maurer’s speech later described it as a “cabaret performance”. The alarm about the climate crisis comes from the “green ideology” that summer is always hot. Belagovich said that if you want to “pull something out of the public eye,” you’re arguing with science — and that’s what happened during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dagmar Belakovic (FPÖ)

Warning about the climate crisis comes from “green ideology,” Belagovich said.

Revival law: The ÖVP reiterated its rejection

Johannes Schmuckenslager (ÖVP) agreed with his party’s coalition partner, at least in part, despite the fact that the climate crisis is a heavy burden in many areas. At the same time, he criticized the association of “alarmism” with doomsday scenarios carried out by non-governmental organizations and political parties.

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Johannes Schmuckenslager (ÖVP)

Schmuckenschlager reiterated the ÖVP’s negative stance on EU restructuring regulation.

He reiterated that the ÖVP rejects the EU revitalization regulation approved by Gwessler in the EU Council of Ministers. He appealed for the approval of the FPÖ and SPÖ for the required two-thirds majority, which will pass the Renewable Gases Act on Thursday.

SPÖ: The Climate Crisis Distribution Policy Problem

The SPÖ turned the climate crisis into a distributional policy issue. Julia Herr said specific attention should be given to specific groups such as low-income and the workforce. Due to heat on construction sites, among other things, a “right to be free of heat” is required. Referring to necessary climate protection measures, he criticized the government for leaving a budget hole of ten billion euros.

Julia Herr (SPÖ)

Gentleman again called for the “right to no heat.”

NEOS Criticism of the Greens

Michael Bernhardt (NEOS) criticized the Greens for not offering any solutions. We should also talk about how people can lead good lives despite high temperatures. It is not about implementing an ideology in the wake of the climate crisis, he said in the direction of the SPÖ. He announced that Vienna will draft a climate protection law later this year.

Michael Bernard (NEOS)

Bernhard criticized the Greens for not having any proposed solutions to the climate crisis.

Exchange between the Green Party and the ÖVP

Allies dispute over EU recovery law, UN It also overshadowed the debate on the second national report on the implementation of the sustainability goals. Green representative Astrid Rössler criticized Constitution Minister Caroline Edstadtler (ÖVP), accusing her of, among other things, an “untruthful” criticism of the EU restructuring regulation. The head of the department under attack has denounced Climate Protection Minister Kewsler without naming him.

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Astrid Rosler (Greens)

Rössler made serious accusations against Constitutional Minister Edstadtler regarding the revival order.

Roessler found the content of the sustainability report to be very good. She only had “very serious doubts” that Edstadler was behind the report’s contents. Because they block implementation and struggle: “Pretty photos aren’t enough.” The Greens recalled that Edtstadler withdrew the National Climate Plan from the EU. He is also fighting against biodiversity by saying no to the Revival Act. A criminal complaint against Küssler was also added to this, although he acted correctly and responsibly: “We need normalcy.”

Constitution Minister Caroline Edstadler (ÖVP)

Edstadler rejected the Greens’ accusations and criticized Environment Minister Küsler without mentioning the Greens by name.

The Constitution Minister did not want to allow it. In a constitutional state you must distinguish between form and content: “In a constitutional state it does not matter what is in the constitution,” he said, referring to the legal position of the ÖVP (and the Constitutional Service in the Federal Chancellery, ref. ), according to which Gewessler of the EU directive should not have been recognized on its own. When it comes to the climate plan, Edstadler emphasized that the national plan should also be coordinated at the national level. Rather than putting ideology first and implementing something without considering the losses, concerns should also be taken into account.

About 60 laws before resolution

60 laws to be passed by Friday Wednesday included a new aid package for communities, more funding for the fire department, the end of COFAG, the CoV funding agency, and a digitization package for schools. MPs are also debating final reports this week for two commissions of inquiry into COFAG and “red-blue abuse of power”.

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Change in zone

The zone change was decided on Wednesday. A constitutional amendment passed in the National Council against the votes of the FPÖ and NEOS would allow states to claim compensation in the public interest for land restitution.

A change has also been made in the ÖVP club: Reinhold Lopatka has been voted in as a Member of Parliament and will head the ÖVP Group in the EU Parliament. He was succeeded by Styrian Kerstin Flaterer.

Cooling down base before entering VfGH

The existing cooling-off phase for the Chief Justice and the Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has now been extended to ordinary judges. However, it lasts for only three years and not five years like the higher posts. The National Council unanimously decided on Wednesday morning.

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