NASA rover makes unusual discovery on Mars

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This time, the NASA rover on Mars is not an animal that “perseveres” finds. Instead, he found something edible on earth.

PASADENA — Again and again, NASA rovers “Perseverance” and “Curiosity” find strange things that don’t belong on Mars. Perhaps the strangest finds include a “floating spoon”, a “bear face” and an alleged one. “frog”. Now “Diligence” has made another amazing discovery on the Red Planet.

This time it’s not about animals, but something edible: NASA’s rover discovers “popcorn.” Of course, it’s not real, edible popcorn — just like there are no floating spoons, bear faces, or frogs on Mars. In fact, they are stones that remind researchers of popcorn.

Rocks with a “popcorn”-like texture found on Mars

After months of traveling around Mars, “Perseverance” has arrived at what its team calls “Bright Angel.” There are a large number of lighter, older stones that were once covered by water. In this area, the rover “discovered the strangest structured rocks ever seen,” one says Update NASA is the American space agency. It continues: “Some rocks are densely covered with little balls, which we jokingly refer to as a ‘popcorn’-like structure.”

NASA rover finds unusual rocks on Mars
NASA rover “Perseverance” has discovered unusual rocks on Mars. The rover team reports: “Some rocks are densely covered with small spheres, which we refer to as ‘popcorn’-like structures © NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU.”

But the discovery is not only a lot of fun for the team behind “Perseverance,” but also a great treat for the geologists on board. They immediately point to the science behind the discovery: “Taken together, these features suggest that groundwater flowed after these rocks were deposited.” Recently, a space probe orbiting the Red Planet discovered water ice at the equator of Mars.

NASA’s Perseverance rover will carry out chemical studies on Mars

Next, “Perseverance” will roll up a hill on Mars, taking measurements along the way. The plan is for the rover to closely observe the rocks in the area and carry out chemical analyses. The team on Earth wants to collect a soil sample and decide whether to store it for future transport to Earth. After completing the Bright Angel area, the perseverance continues to Serpent Rapids. (tab)

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