Making the Vienna Stock Exchange Party 2024, June 30 (Gunder Teuber)

June 30, 2024, 1341 characters

Sunday, June 30

I regularly meet Gunter Teuber, Head of Reifeisen Research, for the “D&D Research Rendezvous”, the idea for which came from his colleague Aleksandra Srejic, whose daughter Lana is an Austrian tennis star. I met Gunter again yesterday for a podcast meeting and together we reported on the first half of the year on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Gunter’s ATX rating at the start of the year was almost spot-on. Detailed topics: What were the biggest surprises at ATX and what was good? What is a common stock market valuation? What does the second half of the year mean for ATX? Featured topics include Addiko Bank, Rosenbauer, and then there are updates on the Oddo BHF collaboration and retail bonds, which look attractive. After that we went for a run, doing it here and there, always having a lot to discuss with Gunter, who, a German, was part of the inner circle of my attempt to set up a think tank around the Vienna Stock Exchange. His evaluations and his expertise are very important to me. All episodes of D&D Research Rendezvous:

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Christian Trastevere: Vienna Stock Exchange Chat

D&D Research Meeting #7: A strong ATX half-year – what’s next for Austrian stocks or will retail bonds also be hot?

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1st Vienna Stock Exchange Party

Stocks on the radar:Immofinance, CA Yes, Adigo Bank, AustriaGard Holdings AG, Vienna Airport, Lensing, V.I.G, First group, Balfinger, Collaboration, Zumdobel, EuroTeleSites AG, Rosenbauer, ams-Osram, Frequently, Kurkdaler AG VZ, Haidt AG, Polytech Group, Oberbank AG stem, Peer Mobility, Acrana, Print, EVN, Austrian post, Telecom Austria, Unica, Weinerberger, Nike, SAP, Adidas, MTU Aero Engines.

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