Electric Love Fest: Severe weather warning for Saturday afternoon

Heavy rain and storm are forecast. Camps at the festival site should be evacuated as a precautionary measure.

During one Storm in course Electric love festivals I am Salzburg In 2015, a 23-year-old man from Flachgau was hit by a falling power pole. He was seriously injured Aug.

So something like that Bad luck The organizers have decided that this will not happen again for today’s festival day Saturday One warning was given.

Because it’s Saturday afternoon in the area Strong storms The organizers predict that Electric love festivals Acted as a precaution. 80 km/h with thunderstorms and squalls from 5 pm onwards. That’s why he does it Campingplatz Evacuation in the afternoon for security reasons.

Breakage during a storm

Festival manager Manuel Reifenauer confirmed the move to the media. He should do the latest by 4pm Camp Be empty and all tents should be secured accordingly.

die Storm But it shouldn’t take long. The weather is expected to clear in the evening. According to the organizers, the festival will be interrupted for a long time and the stage will be free for re-enactments from around 8 pm.

Organizer’s appeal to visitors: “Secure your tents and take shelter in a vehicle by 4pm. Mark free spaces with hazard lights in your car or bus.”

Those who cannot find shelter in a car or bus should follow the instructions of the security forces.

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