Börse Express – Age does not protect against wisdom

Last year, just under a quarter of actively managed funds surveyed outperformed their peer group benchmarks, according to ScopeExporer. It also fits the long-term picture, in which the cheapest, passive (ETF) investment in terms of expenses is ahead. It is noteworthy that this film has established a market in particular. But there are some exceptions that outperform the benchmark index despite years of active management. And the same applies to the MSCI world stock index (see chart), which for many investors represents something like a fundamental investment in the world of stocks: German Union Investment (partner of Volksbanks in Austria) offers such a fund, Uniglobal . A fund launched in 1960, hence one of the oldest products still traded.

By definition, Uniglobal is a global equity fund focused on fixed stocks. At least 51 percent of financial assets should consist of stocks. Up to 49 percent of financial assets may be invested in money market instruments or bank deposits. Derivatives can be used for investment and hedging purposes. The investment strategy is based on the MSCI World Index with the objective of outperforming it. Besides focusing on fixed stocks, you can also invest in second line stocks.

The investment process is based on team approach and bottom-up approach. An assessment of the current capital market situation from a risk perspective is also included in the results). Inclusion in the portfolio requires three basic selection criteria: the company impresses with its quality, i.e. a sound business model and a unique selling point that is difficult to duplicate; At the time of purchase, the share price has an attractive relative valuation relative to the market, the sector and its own history; And the company’s business performance shows consistent, positive, fundamental change.

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Currently Microsoft (5.92%), Apple (5.20%), Nvidia (4.50%) and Amazon.com (3.91%) hold the primary shares.

Information is uniglobal

ISIN: DE0008491051

Fund Type: Equity Funds

Type: Distribution

KG: Union Investment

Edition: January 2, 1960

Performance since inception: +4171.27% (6.0% pa)

Amount of funding: 16,320 million euros

Funding currency: Euro

Efficiency 1 J.: 23,32% pa

Efficiency 3 J.: 11,50% pa

Efficiency 5 J.: 14,68% pa

Operating expenses: 1.4% pa

Morning Star: *****

Purpose: A1

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