“Alf” star Benji Gregory dies at 46

He played the youngest son of the Tanner family in the 80s cult series. According to his family, the actor died of heat stroke

Benji Gregory, best known for his role as Brian Tanner on the 1980s cult series “Alf,” has died, his sister announced on Facebook after he was found dead in his car in a Phoenix parking lot on June 13. Found dead in the car, along with her dog Hans, in Arizona, USA. The family suspects that the actor died of heatstroke as he slept in his car. According to one, Phoenix is ​​considered the hottest city in America The Guardian reports Heat has already killed 175 people this year – an 84% increase on the previous year.

Benji Gregory, born Benjamin Gregory Hertzfield in 1978, played four seasons as the youngest son of the Tanner family, whose life is disrupted by a beloved alien. The sitcom was a worldwide hit, and its wit and wit still inspires today – even if the technology and fashion are clearly out of date.

Gregory also starred in other television series besides “Alf” and in 1986 starred in the movie “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” with Whoopi Goldberg. However, he gave up his acting career in 2004 and joined the US Army. As his sister told the New York Times, he suffered from bipolar disorder and depression, for which he received treatment. He also received his dog for treatment.

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