A red carpet for a special official anniversary

On July 9, 2004, Matthias Stadler succeeded Willy Gruber (SPÖ), the long-time city mayor who had been in office for 19 years. At age 38, Stadler followed in Gruber’s footsteps. Laudator, former federal leader Heinz Fischer (SPÖ) looked back: “During your opening speech, the question was raised whether the mayor’s office of St. Paulden was not a shoe size too big for you. You have a shoe size 45 you replied quickly and dryly.

At the anniversary celebrations, Stadler was paid tribute to, among others, the former mayor of Vienna, Michael Hubl (SPÖ): “He was a straight man. According to former state governor Erwin Brolin (ÖVP), he and Stadler have grown together over the past 20 years: “We have become personal friends.”

Stadler’s tenure was characterized by cooperation between town and country

At the ceremony, the connection between the city of St. Bolton and Stadler was repeatedly emphasized. Only recently, State Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner (ÖVP) awarded Stadler the “Class Leopold” for 20 years as mayor of St. Bolton. Among other things, he highlighted the coexistence between city and country, which “St. Bolton and Lower Austria have advanced and will continue to advance.

Joseph Polwein

Matthias Stadler’s anniversary in office was celebrated on Tuesday in St Bolton’s Town Hall Square.

For Interior Minister Gerhard Garner (ÖVP), Stadler was a successful mayor. Because he always tried to be a “straight guy” and think outside the box. Vienna’s mayor, Michael Ludwig (SPÖ), described Stadler as a politician of believable and hand-shaking quality.

“Hail to the Mayor”

The local council also unanimously decided that an annual scholarship in the name of Matthias Stadler will be awarded at St. Bolton University of Applied Sciences. During the celebration, the city boss was presented with a certificate to that effect. Bishop Alois Schwarz of the Diocese of St. Bolton noted: “When the certificate was presented to the mayor, the church bells rang very intelligently. It makes it clear that the cooperation between the church and the city is working. God bless the Mayor.”

After that, there was a large crowd of well-wishers at the reception in the mayor’s room. Former chancellor Christian Kern (SPÖ) said: “In Austria people like to talk bad about people who only get great fame after they’re dead. But for Matthias Stadler it was during his lifetime.

Culture is a particular concern for Stadler

For Stadler, the city’s cultural center is the perfect gift for his official anniversary: ​​”With Tangente, the new cathedral square, the synagogue, the children’s art laboratory, the new city library, the alumni garden, the new music school and 250 events, Stadler is playing in a different cultural league, 20 years later. This brings us full circle, because 20 years ago, the then city councilor for culture, Matthias Stadler, became mayor of St. Bolton.

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